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Archive for April 2013

That’s not to say people didn’t look down on people who

One thing that must be said is that the play is, along with a lot of contemporary works, far Harsher in Hindsight. It was written over two centuries before the scientific classification of races and the development of racial hierarchies and stereotypes as we understand them today, not that today’s understanding of the concept is…

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Be warned!This series provides examples of: Ascended Extra:

Duels Decide Everything: With cooking! The manga does occasionally subvert this. In the Science Department and Cooking department cook off, the science department wins but it’s rendered moot because the point is that even with science there can never be perfection, only progress and so there is a point for both disciplines. In the Agricultural…

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It took only a few years for other French designers to follow

Only, instead of getting this whimsical, lovable gun moll, we got pitiful Alicia, whom the Joker seems to be trying to recreate in his own image. We later learn that Alicia throws herself out of a window, and the Joker responds to this with, “Well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”…

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Timmins: International short from Australia created by Suren

Killed Off for Real: Steel from Earth 2 was vivisected by Cadmus. Indigo 1 is killed by John Stewart. Hal Jordan sacrifices his life to stop Krona. Nabu’s essence is destroyed by a nameless Ifrit on account of Constantine’s manipulations. Skallox died at some point during the Time Skip, which is revealed in the main…

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