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Still just 59, her condition has deteriorated rapidly

‘My mum thinks I’m an MP

cheap air force Media captionChris Chapman uploaded a longer version of this video to YouTube. cheap air force

cheap yeezys In late spring 2014, Chris Chapman got a card from his great aunt congratulating him on his recent election as an MP. cheap yeezys

cheap jordans in china It hadn’t happened. There hadn’t even been a general election in 2014, though he had just become a Conservative councillor in Tower Hamlets. Confused, he rang his aunt. cheap jordans in china

“Your mum told me,” she said.

Two years earlier, Chris’s “incredibly sharp, funny and quick witted” mum Lynda cheap jordans size 6 had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, aged just 53.

“I could probably have explained to her at that stage that she had got mixed up,” he told the BBC.

Recently, Chris drove his mum to the dementia ward at Fulbourn hospital in Cambridgeshire, where she will now live. Still just 59, her condition has deteriorated rapidly.

Cheap jordans “We’ve lost the person that mum was,” he said. “My mum who I grew up with is not here anymore. Cheap jordans

cheap jordans free shipping “She didn’t know where I had been taking her and she couldn’t remember my name that day, just as cheap air jordans for sale she’s not been able to for countless days preceding that.” cheap cheap jordans 50 dollars jordans free shipping

He had to fill out a form things his mum likes cheap air jordans 9 (Kate Bush, the Eurythmics, animals) and things she doesn’t, cheap jordans real authentic things that scare her. This, he thought.

cheap jordan sneakers He kissed his mum goodbye and left. In the hospital he had struggled to keep his composure. In the car, he sat and cried. cheap jordan sneakers

‘My husband can no longer remember my name’

cheap air jordan Alzheimer’s: How much should you reveal? cheap air jordan

cheap nike shoes Spotting the earliest cheap jordan trainers signs of Alzheimer’s cheap nike shoes

“There’s this overwhelming sense of guilt,” he said.

cheap jordans china “Having to drive cheap adidas , knowing where I was going and knowing why we were going there was horrific. You doubt yourself the whole time. You know you’re doing the right thing, but it doesn’t stop the guilt. cheap jordans china

“I put her there. I took her there. It still cheap jordans size 9 womens hasn’t gone away. I hope it cheap retro jordans wholesale will eventually.”

cheap jordans on sale There was little else that cheap authentic jordans websites Chris could have done. His dad, Richard, had been caring devotedly for Lynda since the first signs of the disease appeared and his younger brother, Matthew airjordanhot.com , had moved back into the family home to help. Chris and his sister, Rebecca, visited as often as they could. But the strain was starting to tell. cheap jordans on sale

cheap jordans online “Mum had been declining very rapidly over the past months and weeks,” Chris said. cheap jordans online

cheap jordans from china “No drugs would help her. There is no treatment. The hopelessness of the disease is absolute. That hopelessness permeates everything.” cheap jordans from china

cheap Air max shoes Having run out of options, cheap jordans for sale mens Chris arranged a home visit by the crisis jordan retro 5 cheap mental health team. get jordans online cheap The crisis team came to the house and advised the family to move Lynda into hospital as soon as they could confirm a cheap jordans 11 red bed was available. Shortly afterwards, Chris was in the car with his mum. The family felt an cheap good jordans ambulance would have been more buy cheap retro jordans online distressing. cheap Air max shoes

cheap cheap jordans 2017 adidas “After the initial cognitive difficulties, the disease progresses,” Chris said. cheap adidas

cheap jordans shoes Lynda can no longer care for herself. cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordans for sale “My mum cannot dress herself. She cannot feed cheap jordans eclipse herself,” he said. cheap jordans for sale

“In addition to the physical symptoms there is the psychological impact. When she’s in pain, cheap authentic jordan shoes she cannot tell us why. She cannot tell you that she’s scared or confused or angry. Instead she will just cry. Seeing your mum cry on a daily cheap jordans amazon basis is a special super cheap jordans for sale kind of pain.”

cheap jordans sale When Lynda had first started to exhibit symptoms, the family approached “several” GPs for help. Chris says they “admitted that Alzheimer’s and dementia are not areas they knew that much about”. cheap jordans sale

They turned to the Alzheimer’s Society, who, Chris says, have been fantastic. The charity gave the family a number for Cambridgeshire adult social services. Unlike the NHS, social care is not free at the point of delivery in England. Many people have to pay for at least some of their care.

“Within a minute of the call they’d started to ask questions about financial assets and our ability to fund care,” he said.

“The fact that this would be the first line of questioning after you’ve found the courage to contact them, to ask for help, is really difficult.

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