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Solo slooping can create a sense of anxiety that in my opinion

MistaTrevah u

canada goose coats MistaTrevah 1 point submitted 1 day ago canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale I agree with you however, it was one of the last three coaches that you stated have adcom experience. I’m not misinterpreting a vague suggestion either. I was told point blank that it helps to be male. I have to say I’m surprised at the level of pushback against the idea in this thread. That isn’t me endorsing the idea, I would just assume that the people on here who are applying to graduate schools would be familiar with the concept of admissions based on representation in classes and professions. I also not claiming to know first hand the information is entirely accurate. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose Just try to look at it in terms of what you be making when you done. If you take out 200 thousand in loans to get a job that pays 36 thousand per year that pretty silly. If you take out 200 thousand in loans and you eventually be a PA making well over 100 thousand a year (once you have some experience) then that a lot more manageable. That being said, canada goose outlet miami you absolutely need to keep the debt in mind while you in school. It easy to forget about how much you paying for https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com school and let it become a low priority. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka Mint really shouldn be in use in enterprise applications, like public kiosks. People should be using something with a real (or, really, any) security team: Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Debian, whatever. Just not canada goose premium outlet Mint. Canada Goose Parka

Honestly, Mint, as a hobbyist project, really shouldn have bitten off maintaining canada goose outlet store uk a whole distro, as one of the articles I linked points out. It a big enough project and task just for a team to work on a whole desktop environment, let alone a whole distribution, and it seems a bit silly to make a whole distro that canada goose outlet 80 off mostly just a showcase for your desktop environments.

MistaTrevah 4 points submitted 8 days ago

canada goose black friday sale Yes exactly. I currently working as a PT aide for 13 and hour with my Masters. Had I gotten a canada goose jacket outlet BS in nursing, canada goose outlet near me where I live I be making double that and the PCE hours would probably be considered much more valuable. If you get in the first time you apply maybe a situation like that canada goose outlet store montreal isn a big deal. If not and you have student loans you in for an unpleasant experience. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose A Bio degree generally qualifies you for lab work. That potentially means choosing between being underemployed but gaining PCE and comfortably paying the bills. That probably the number 1 thing I wish I would have known 5 years ago. Hindsight is canada goose outlet montreal 20/20 though I suppose haha. canada goose

Canada Goose Outlet MistaTrevah 4 points submitted 10 days ago Canada Goose Outlet

Yeah I could see her having Munchausen by proxy regarding Marian and maybe even a little bit with Camille too. That scene where she took Camille clothes from her while she was canada goose outlet reviews changing was definitely deliberate. She wanted Amma to know about Camille condition. She wanted Richard to know too. Maybe she wants pity but I feel like she more likely just emotionally abusive. Adora definitely likes to be the center of attention but she isn faking a sickness for herself so idk about a regular Munchausen diagnosis.

canada goose store A_Slovakian 0 points submitted 11 days ago canada goose store

If you solo slooping you need to be more careful and if you careful enough they never catch you off guard and you can just sail against the wind to get rid of them. That what I mean by “being worse.” The game has all the tools necessary to virtually never sink, you canada goose outlet just need to learn to use them properly.

Additionally, if you were in a situation where you were taken advantage of, you allowed that situation to occur. Always be on your guard and never trust anyone and you never be in canada goose outlet new york a position to be taken advantage canada goose outlet ontario of.

MistaTrevah 2 points submitted 11 days ago

Canada Goose online I understand that and I respect your opinion. Solo slooping can create a sense of anxiety that in my opinion, can detract from the gaming experience. “Do I go to that other island and get another three skulls? Or do I go drop these two off first?” I not trying to pick a fight or get downvoted to hell but in my opinion, the “you got outplayed/git gud” mentality ignores the fact that the game has fundamental progression flaws. I shouldn have to be so careful that I can play the game for three hours and only make 2000 gold and get a 16th of a level up. Rare needs to implement some form of incremental progression. You dug up a chest and someone stole it from you? Sucks for you but maybe for digging it up you get some portion of xp or something. Kill a couple skeleton captains but get sunk before turning in their skulls? Maybe you get some order of souls xp just for the act of defeating them. If turning in that loot that you just sailed around for an hour to collect wasn the be all end all form of progression in the game I guarantee you the amount of complaining would decrease considerably. Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance A_Slovakian 0 points submitted 11 days ago canada goose clearance

I wholeheartedly disagree. That feeling of tension and anxiety that you might lose everything at any moment is what makes the game so satisfying and exhilarating. It makes you feel emotions that no other game does, and without those emotions the game wouldn be canada goose outlet florida unique.

canadian goose jacket I also want to point out the “git gud” message is not what I trying to say when I say “they were better than you.” What I mean is that if you sink, it because you made a mistake. Yeah the galleon full of 4 experienced players rolling up on you is unfortunate but if you had just checked in your crow nest between each round of OOS or each chest you dig up you have seen canada goose outlet vip them coming long before they were a threat, and goose outlet canada you could have sailed off against the wind. canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets So yeah, I guess technically it the “git gud” mentality but the tools are all there to ensure your safety. It up canada goose sale uk to canada goose outlet germany you to learn them and use canada goose outlet in uk them. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket cheap MistaTrevah 2 points submitted 11 days ago buy canada goose jacket cheap

That’s a fair point and on some level I agree with you. I really do. However, and I mean this respectfully, I think that the people with your perspective don’t canada goose outlet uk sale follow the logic of the argument through to the end. Let’s say I’m canada goose outlet winnipeg solo slooping and I do everything in my power to “git gud”. I canada goose outlet store quebec check the horizon every few minutes, I keep my boat in line of sight, I’m ready to cut my losses and leave with a canada goose outlet real few seconds notice, and I drop loot off in smaller increments instead of as one big haul. I used the tools that the game provided me as you’re proposing, and the fruits of my labor canada goose outlet factory are that I wasn’t sunk and I made it through the voyage with my loot.

What you’re proposing costs me something though. Playing the game as if I were in a state of near panic undeniably costs me extra canada goose outlet locations in toronto time. Time that canada goose uk bigger crews or crews that aren’t being preyed upon don’t have to worry about.

Now I’m circling back to my previous point. I just invested two hours of my time to complete perhaps a single two or three part voyage, I walk away with a couple thousand gold and for the sake of argument a 16th of a level up in one faction. Maybe I’ve got some straggler items that give me progress in other factions too. My point is simply that after playing the way people with your position are suggesting, canada goose outlet store new york I find myself asking not only if that was canada goose discount uk worth the level of anxiety involved, but also was that even fun?

canada goose coats on sale I love the game. I wouldn’t be sitting here taking the time to argue with you about it if I didn’t. The game has flaws though. There are crew imbalances and canada goose outlet phone number progression issues that are currently irreconcilable with my time investment as a solo player. Therefore, I play only occasionally at this point when friends can or sometimes in open crew. The brigantine was a step in the right direction too. canada goose coats on sale

buy canada goose jacket All that being said, the “git canada goose outlet store near me gud” mentality is a stupid philosophy that bullies new or less dedicated players and makes a giant excuse for Rare and their need to address fundamental flaws with the game. buy canada goose jacket

MistaTrevah 3 points submitted 21 days ago

Canada Goose sale I did a Masters in Biophysics and Physiology and during the program I was allowed to do lab work for elective credits. I started emailing PI who had publications that canada goose outlet canada interested me and ended up getting a graduate research associate position in a Molecular Genetics lab. We worked almost exclusively with gammaherpes viruses, but some projects made use of various lentiviruses including pseudo typed HIV. PI and post docs throughout the department canada goose outlet shop were working on viruses, bacteria and a few prion (Mad cow I think?). I even met a post doc once who entire background was in bubonic plague. Look at the publications that interest you Canada Goose sale.

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