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Archive for December 2013

Didion and Wolfe, described by moderator Jerzy Kosinksi as

When you’re up late, idly googling different dog breeds and what that pain in your side might be (spoiler: it’s cancer), you might notice a lot of replica handbags Replica Designer Handbags Designer replica bags the same sites popping up. These articles are usually unsourced and read like they were written by somebody three weeks…

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Recycled IN SPACE!: Many episodes feature a SPACE CONTEST that

Tsundere: Lynda is an epic level example of this The Unfettered: Lynda. About the only thing she won’t do for the Junior Gazette is fold to blackmail and even the suicide of the blackmailer isn’t enough to throw her off her game for long when she sees the paper being run into the ground by…

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Bad call if there’s a Class 10 CERBERUS mounted there

In the Intercontinuity Crossover with Detective Conan, Lupin thinks he’s about to get lucky with Fujiko. He turns to the camera and announces “To you 80 million adult viewers: thank you for your patience!” and pounces on her. The same movie mixes this with Leaning on the Fourth Wall regarding the crossover nature of the…

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This is very helpful since most Pok evolving through this

Considering how much of a threat he is to the universe, Superman is in favor of killing him and taking control of his ship to find a way to reverse to process so no one should suffer from his evil again. Batman argues that they are not sure if they even can reverse what’s been…

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