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The Indian community is one of the most affluent and

Says Bansiwal, “There is a huge opportunity to cater to the Indian diaspora in the US, Canada and the UK. The Indian community is one of the most affluent and increasingly influential demographic sections in these geographies. Marketers have recognised this fact and their appetite for reaching out to this category is increasing exponentially.

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Last fall, the researchers reported their work to the media at a press conference at the Society for Neuroscience Conference, the world’s largest source of emerging news on brain science and health in San Diego, CA. More volunteers are continually needed for the study. For information about requirements, contact Gerard G.

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We would like to send get well wished to both Anthony Gaffeny and Ann Fox. Bernadette Kavanagh has arranged a “Gathering of Fingal Ravens”. It will take place on Sat. In support of my hypotheses, both men and women in the experimental conditions had higher levels of negative affect compared to men and women in the control conditions. The participants in the experimental conditions also rated the actors stating the verbal objectifying commentary as having lower positive personality traits and higher negative personality traits compared to control condition participants. In support of my hypothesis, greater internalization of the muscular and thin ideals served as a risk factor for heightened self surveillance after a brief exposure to objectifying media.

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