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Didion and Wolfe, described by moderator Jerzy Kosinksi as

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Handbags Replica The first thing to know about the 33rd issue of McSweeney’s, the literary journal started in 1998 by Lake Forest native Dave Eggers, is that it’s a fantasy, a tantalizing mirage a glimpse of a perfect media world. And it isn’t a fantasy, not entirely. Issue No. 33, so immense it comes in a pillow size silver, Ziploc ish bag, is designed as an old school Sunday broadsheet newspaper. It features articles from Junot Diaz, Stephen King, Michael Chabon, Miranda July and actor James Franco; it has. Didion and Wolfe, described by moderator Jerzy Kosinksi as “the two perhaps most idiosyncratic voices in American literature,” spoke at Broadway’s Royale Theater in the fifth of eight evenings in the PEN Celebration. The series, which cost $1,000 a seat, is raising money. Handbags Replica

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