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“As there was no integrated DVD, the review was incorrect

yarmouth chef can thank the canned pig brains for his win on

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Fake Designer Bags The reviewer lied can I get a refund on the product?What happens if you buy something based on reviews you’ve seen but it turns out the reviewer is wrong? Consumer lawyer Dean Dunham explains you rights13:58, 20 JUN 2016Updated14:02, 20 JUN 2016I’m sure there was MEANT to be a DVD drive.The description of the television on the website did not claim there was a DVD. But Steve also read reviews of the product left on the website by previous buyers.And the first review read: “Great television, lovely picture and with an integrated DVD included, it’s a great bargain.”As there was no integrated DVD, the review was incorrect. Maybe it had been posted next to the wrong product.But Steve wikipedia reference , from Stockport, Gtr Manchester, relied on it to purchase the television.When he asked for a refund the firm refused, insisting their website makes it clear they not responsible for the content of reviews.I thought my shopping was here but the boxes were replica designer bags empty: Your rights if a package arrives with nothing in itCan you claim? But it is good quality replica bags now normal practice to read reviews before buying. Fake Designer Bags

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