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“2 He has even implied that Adam was an exact duplicate of God

On a serious note, I do have friends in that complex and it pretty nice. I prefer more urban areas, but if you like suburban living, you can beat the location. You can be downtown in like ten minutes, yet KCI airport is five minutes away. And only if both of those things happen, that the House impeaches and the Senate convicts, is the president then removed from office. So here we’re talking about whether the constitutional standard, that would allow the House to act against the president, is potentially satisfied.We’ve heard a lot in the news about the fact that a sitting president cannot be indicted, or at least that is the policy. Can you shed some light into that, and what is the logic behind that policy?So there is a dispute over that, although I think it’s fair to say that the widely prevailing view and the view held by the Department of Justice is that the president can’t be indicted, basically because of the structure of the constitutional system.Is Trump’s double whammy legal trouble spooking his base? ‘Not one bit’In that circumstance, it really is left to the political process.

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