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Speaking from my own experience I have a four year old with a

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Japanese chicken meow meow. In all seriousness if u can’t canada canada goose clearance sale goose outlet uk find someone to take him I know of a official canada goose outlet few canada goose outlet store uk industrial business areas that work almost 24/7 and have food trucks that come 6 days a week. I see a few cats there and see people feeding them although they are cats and they can pretty much take care of themselves. Also some veterinarians will take them. canada goose uk shop I really don’t care about the outcome and was just trying to canada goose outlet nyc be helpful. Speaking from my own experience I have a four year old with a new baby on the way canadian goose jacket with a dog and a buy canada goose jacket cheap cat. No way canada goose parks in hell I’m bringing a stray animal into my home.

Also the Japanese chicken comment is a canada goose jacket outlet joke they say at Kobe steakhouse and was sure everyone would get it.

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What he’s trying to say is that we’re also enslaved nowadays in canada goose uk black friday the modern age Canada Goose sale aka slaves to society’s standards etc. He’s doing Canada Goose Parka it in an extreme aka Kanye canada Canada Goose Jackets goose outlet online uk way. Also he said that the whole talking about race issue is canada goose black friday sale sort of made up to stop us canada goose outlet shop from working together and create true discussion and ideas between all races canada goose coats on sale and grow as a society. I am positive that a majority of white canada goose factory sale people do not despise black people.

This actually happens often around the world it a known technique to suppress the masses (aka “enslave”) called Divide and Rule. uk canada goose Here’s a link with more info.

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I canada goose canada goose uk outlet outlet actually did something similar in messing with page layout canada goose outlet sale a long time ago; my canada goose outlet new york city story printed in the upper left corner just like that kid. However, I did not cut the pages down to size like that kid and turn it in.

Actually, nothing about this post strikes me as obvious bullshit. I mean, he probably exaggerating how hard his teacher laughed. But, I fucking cheap canada goose uk lie every uk canada goose outlet time I write “LOL.” Guess what? I not actually Canada Goose online laughing out loud!

This sub has to survive on the upvotes of people who live very sheltered, canada goose factory outlet self canada goose outlet jackets conscious, and boring lives. This kid is r/madlads material, canada goose coats and that canada goose outlet parka it.

kidno 685 points submitted 13 days ago

EVERYTHING about Hannity involvement with Cohen is sketchy. If Hannity version of the story were even remotely believable, Cohen canada goose outlet in usa wouldn canada goose store have considered him a “client” in the first place.

According to Hannity, goose outlet canada he and Cohen never had any formal attorney/client arrangement, but Hannity says he did ask Cohen some questions regarding “real canada goose outlet toronto factory estate” and, for unknown reasons, feels those questions would fall canada goose outlet online under “attorney client” privilege.

Even if that were true, there usually nothing canada goose outlet store scandalous about real estate. Canada Goose Coats On Sale Especially if Hannity isn even paying the guy canada goose black friday sale for his advice. Cohen been on Hannity show dozen of times. If Hannity asked some random real estate related questions, with no canadagooseparks formal client or payment arrangement, why would Cohen consider him a canada goose outlet black friday client? Why would Hannity try to suppress the nature of their relationship? Why would Cohen/Hannity even be worried about some random “real estate” notes getting canada goose outlet reviews caught up in Cohen other problems?

The logical answer to those questions is that there canada goose Canada Goose Online outlet uk sale a lot more going on between Hannity and Cohen than meets the eye. At BEST, Cohen was acting as a go between for Trump and Hannity propaganda. At worst? Who canada goose even knows at this point.

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