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The point I’m making is that the big portion of the game got

I believe it was mentioned in a patch note when it got nerfed in retail. The point I’m making is that the big portion of the game got worked out, it’s the smaller things like you are mentioning that where mostly impossible to solve that has been somewhat off on private server. It’s not going to feel all that different from private servers.I don’t think that things like ironfoe had a massive effect on private servers, due to the fact it was only used by tanks for extra TPS that could be performed by other combinations of gears and buffs as well.I don’t think that things like ironfoe had a massive effect on private servers, due to the fact it was only used by tanks for extra TPS that could be performed by other combinations of gears and buffs as well.I like it when someone claims X isn going to change anything but then shows how X is going to do exactly that.

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