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If you looking for advice use the automated/stickied threads, if you opening up discussion on a subject and providing your thoughts/analysis post a text thread.Provide Context Include league settings when asking questions about your team. Your team/potential waiver wire replacements, league/roster size, scoring settings Girls’ Clothing, categories, keeper rules, transaction rules, etc. The more context you provide the better your question can be answered as player value is relative to league settings.No memes, image macros, or other frivolous content.League recruitment or league search posts are not allowed.

There was barely enough room in the clown car Trump drove this week to fit all the jerks the anthem protest mockery produced. We call it a mockery because of what happened on Sunday, when half the league took a knee or locked arms in defiance of Trump (not racial injustice, mind you), players, coaches, and, even owners were not demonstrating against the same things Colin Kaepernick took on last year. Make no mistake: Last week was about a rich, white man, not poor minorities..

The survey also showed that parents thought if they had a better grasp on their child job, they would be able to help their child with their career development. But school official have refused to administer the boy medication. 7 year old Jayden Davis has Gervais Syndrome, which causes him to have epileptic seizures.

All in all, whith Paint and all other accessory parts this costume cost me about 25 bucks. I cut a piece of cardboard for half of the upper chest then just used it for a template and cut the other half. I snuck behind a local mini mall and scavenged the cardboard out of the recycling dumpster.

Just a notice about the T shirt design contest as specified on the Powerpoint presentation: If you are thinking about using our logo, you cannot use our full logo, meaning the “FS” part of our logo cannot be used. Therefore, there is a logo without the FS and can be downloaded here. Keep in mind that you do not have to use our logo at all! We look forward to seeing all the creative designs! The deadline is October 20th..

Use a consistent FOV across all games. This is as important as using a consistent sensitivity across all games. Different people have different opinions as to which FOVs are better, but a good baseline standard is 105 horizontal (CS:GO is locked to 106.26).

Country Let’s not kid each other: As much as we hit the gym to feel awesome, live longer, compete with our buddies, relieve stress, and, of course, have a damn good time slinging giant pieces of steel Baby Safety, it doesn’t hurt that working out makes us look damn good, too. Which means that Kids Accessories, if you’re a guy seeking to round out your sex appeal, you’re probably more than familiar with all the coveted (admittedly superficial) physical attributes that constitute a “perfect male physique” the ones even hardcore gym rats have trouble achieving. These include the well defined arm “horseshoe” (see: Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter) Bedding, ridiculously chiseled V cut abs (see: Brad Pitt in Fight Club), and the giant wingspan of a well carved upper back (see: Hugh Jackman in any film in which he sprouts metallic claws).

Pao’s suit unfolded against the backdrop of what, in retrospect, foreshadowed the populist culture wars we are smack in the middle of today. Just look at what happened in the 2016 presidential election. The misogynistic abuse leveled at Pao at the time mimics the rhetoric from far right internet personalities in the Trump era, who keep nudging the boundaries of acceptable conversation toward increasingly racist and sexist expression..

If you do ROTC Feeding, you are not eligibile to be deployed. The DoD would rather you get your Officer Commission than for you to get deployed. I am a HS Junior who is in the Guard, will be leaving for Basic in a few months. On Dec. 5, 2016, Amazon uploaded a video to YouTube unveiling the company’s vision of a new type of grocery store called Amazon Go. Shoppers would hold up a smartphone to a scanner before walking in.

This Jan. 23, 2017 file photo shows the Delaware River Bridge in Bristol, Pa. Pennsylvania Turnpike officials say the major bridge linking the Pennsylvania and New Jersey turnpikes is expected to remain closed for repairs for at least two more months, and they are still trying to determine why one of its steel trusses fractured.

My cat was very thin (she was a very abused rescue) when we got her and after a few months she started to gain a lot of weight so I gave her only half a bowl of dry food instead of a whole bowl at night. The first night she was upset but didn really do much. The second night I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and my hallway runner rug was folded over.

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