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Way back in middle school, I was sweet on this girl Anna. We were talking and flirting for a few weeks, and one day I get an invitation to a birthday party for her friend Marie. As far as I know, there gonna be about a dozen girls there I be the only guy.

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You may even find that you come up with other requirements you would like your appointment planning software to have. For instance, I use the GTD methodology and I like to have all of my information in one place. For this reason, I tend to look for PIM software that allows me to track appointments, emails, contacts, and tasks in one place.

I have been working with students, athletes, coaches, educators, high level administrators and business leaders and their employees for over 30 years. I draw on my experiences as a successful collegiate athletic director, basketball coach and student life director at a number of colleges including the University of Pennsylvania, Mount Mercy College and Cortland State University. As a certified life coach for over 14 years, I am accredited in Business and Personal Coaching through Coach University of Houston and Energy Management and Physiology through The Heartmath Institute in California.

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