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Hay alguien que haya estudiado en alguna u que se vaya a Paro siempre? Soy mechona con gratuidad y pens en cambiarme a una privada cheap sex toys, pero despus lo pens bien y puta, tengo gratuidad, soy privilegiada, solo me pagan el arriendo, no tendr una deuda mas adelante. Todos esos pensamientos me pesan y decid que quizs no me cambie pero mi u es sumamente politizada y se va a paro siempre. Tienes que ser responsable eso s.

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dildos They even claim there are no such things as Palestinians or Palestine while claiming they are the chosen people for that land and it is theirs while the Arabs should just get out.The Zionist entity is based on wrongdoing and unjust. They bought like 2/3%, what the hell are they doing now with so much %?And also if we look at how they get land, and how much they violate international law, it ridiculous to claim they are somehow justified in their cause.A country for the Jews is not the problem. But where and how they get it is very important.Just so you know, you are arguing with an alt account of the OP, who is likely a paid propaganda spreader who runs several accounts, all of which spend most of their time post non fact based wholesale sex toys, anti semetic material, from extremely questionable wources under the guise of being “anti zionist.”He spends a very high amount of time posting to documentaries because they are the basically the only mainstream sub with any kind of credibility that won immediately delete his posts.He and likely one or two of his alts will be along shortly to deny all of that and argue with me, but don let that fool you dildos.

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