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Blood Knight: Murray becomes this

An Aesop: A lot of the game is essentially about being happy with who you are, and that true friends care about and respect each other, perhaps even like family, and that no care and respect towards a group of friends can be extremely damaging. And Now For Something Completely Different: Ship battles are quite different from the standard sneaking around you’d do. Artistic License Geography / Physics: It would be pretty much impossible for Murray’s van (frozen in a block of ice) to float from Canada, out to sea to China, then upriver into the Kunlun Mountains, especially in less than a year. Australian geography is also inaccurate, as both Uluru (referred to as Ayers Rock in game) and Wave Rock are in Yuendumu, Northern Territory. In reality, Uluru is by the South Australian border, over 600km away from Yuendumu, while Wave Rock is near Hyden, Western Australia, which is nearly 300km away from Perth. Badass Grandpa: Octavio. He might be old, but he’s still fast and strong enough to go toe to toe with Murray. Faster, even! He needs to be lured into tar before Murray can properly lay the smackdown. Bad People Abuse Animals: Yes, this franchise is set in a world full of anthropomorphic animals, but at one point during “An Opera of Fear”, Octavio dumps tar into a tank full of fish, killing all of them. Bentley is upset over this, and avenges them by destroying a nearby Ferris Wheel that’s pumping tar. The Battle Didn’t Count: General Tsao may be the main antagonist of “A Cold Alliance”, but the boss battle with him takes place in the middle of the chapter rather than in the end like with the other villains before and after. Battle in the Center of the Mind: Sly has to battle the Panda King within the latter’s mind via the Guru’s magic. Beast and Beauty: One of the missions in “Flight of Fancy” is titled “Beauty and the Beast”, even if both https://www.7starreplicahandbags.com titular characters (Carmelita and Muggshot) are villains. Big Bad: Dr. M. Blood Knight: Murray becomes this, ironically after a period of pacifism. Fast forward to “Honor Among Thieves”, where there are now Knock off Canes piled up in front of the vault. Apparently Sly wasn’t joking about the gift shop. Broken Aesop: While the series has had some not so subtle Green Aesop themes in some levels, Sly 3 takes it perhaps a step too far by having you feed dozens of miners to a crocodile, all while Murray delivers callous and sadistic remarks. It seems especially harsh given that this same level features a lemonade drinking contest, and the fact that the only environmental impact the characters ever mention the miners having is in regard to aesthetics. The Caper: The whole game is a setup for a caper. cue reveal LeFwee. Huh, he’s good.

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