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But in Islamic tradition the history of Mecca long predates

kaze to ki no uta manga

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Replica Handbags My first religious lessons were all about Mecca. When my mother taught me to read the Koran as an infant, I learned that the Sacred Text of Islam was God’s Words first revealed to Mohamed at Mecca. The stories I was told about the life of the Prophet Mohamed made Mecca and its environs more familiar to me than the country in which I lived: the cave at Hira, on the outskirts of Mecca, where the Prophet received his first revelations in 611; the town of Medina, which was called Yathrib during the days of Mohamed, where the Prophet sought refuge from persecution in Mecca; and the well of Badr and the mountain of Uhad where the Prophet fought his battles. But in Islamic tradition the history of Mecca long predates the 7th century. The holy precincts around the Kaaba contain stories stretching back to the very beginning of time. Adam, who in Muslim tradition is the first Prophet, visited Mecca and was buried there. Prophet Ibrahim, or Abraham, the father of monotheistic faiths, built the Kaaba with his son Ismail, or Ishmael. Every Muslim child grows up with these stories, internalising their geography as a personal landscape whose contours and history define who they are. Replica Handbags

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