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She claims within days of meeting

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relica birkin hermes Lorraine said she is now working as a waitress, but has been forced to take legal action because of the accusations.In the papers she stated: “I have been actively trying to move past my time and relationship with Melanie. I simply wish that she shows me the same respect I’ve shown her over the past seven years.”However this lawsuit became necessary after she refused to leave me alone and spread a number of lies about me and my relationship to her family on an international scale, all to benefit herself in her divorce proceedings.”Revealing her hell at the hands of internet trolls, she said in the dossier: “I have received countless messages, threats and insults from random persons all over the world, shaming and degrading me based on the false image of me created by Melanie.”Lorraine describes in the court documents how she arrived in California from her native Germany in 2009 when she was just 18.She met Mel B and Belafonte at a restaurant in West Hollywood when she spoke little English.She claims within days of meeting, Mel B invited her back to her home and after enjoying drinks they had “consensual group sex together”. relica birkin hermes

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