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Prevalence Of Low Forearm Bone Density In A Bulgarian Feminine Referral Population

Furthermore, the regulation in Bulgaria shockingly stipulates that a victim should show three episodes of violence earlier than a felony investigation is opened. Why a woman should endure violence three times before being taken seriously is a troubling query I find inconceivable to reply. Bulgaria has additionally distanced itself lately from The Istanbul Convention, whose sole role is to prevent domestic violence and violence in opposition to women. Dive into the analysis topics of ‘Women as change brokers of the Bulgarian power transition’. The Bulgaria women’s national volleyball group represents Bulgaria in international women’s volleyball competitions and is managed by the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation. The group’s success includes successful the Balkan Championship in 1982, attaining Runners-Up at the 1970 Summer Universidade together with the 1980 Summer Olympics.

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Between 1960 and 1990 the variety of women in parliament varied between 16% and 21% and in 1990 it dropped down to 8.5%. While Bulgaria is often described as a patriarchal society, women could have substantial authority in household budgeting or agricultural choice making. Despite many years of socialist ideology of gender equality, women are often employed in lower paying jobs, remain answerable for most family chores, and characterize greater than half the registered unemployed.

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Another German factory laid off three-quarters of its four,000 seamstresses. Many of them went to choose strawberries within the UK and their marriages broke down,” she adds. In October 2020, most planned hospital admissions and operations in Bulgaria had been cancelled due to the surge in Covid-related hospital admissions.

I observe that ladies there do not appear agitated by the added strain of the final yr. I tell myself that I can reside with out this or that,” a small shop-owner from the Blagoevgrad area cheerfully informs me. As I talk about the influence of the pandemic with friends and family, a curious difference between the attitudes of girls in Bulgaria and Britain emerges. “As a mother, my commitments increased as a result of the remote schooling system. Someone had to be with our boy nearly all the time and I needed to tackle many of the take care of his schooling and for the household,” says Nelly Benova, a PR/media specialist and enterprise proprietor from Sofia. In Bulgaria in February-March 2021, women had been responsible for 73 per cent of the overall share of children’s carе and schooling.

A meta-analysis of prevalence estimates and moderators of low bone mass in people with schizophrenia. Individual donors, business corporations and other organizations are among our supporters, which assist us to change the lives of 1000’s of ladies in Bulgaria. For a brief second, Bulgarian women had sufficient of this double-faced “chivalry”. Social media brimmed with offended accounts from women of home-grown male disrespect and of the violence they have endured or witnessed. Macho patriots – the identical sort that feel justified when punishing “cheating whores” – joined the chorus, pledging to behave as a human shield between Bulgarian women and overseas men. The paradox is that whereas Bulgarian “patriots” really feel the urge to “defend” Bulgarian women from imaginary wrongs perpetrated by their foreigner companions, real abuse inflicted on them by Bulgarian men can simply be exonerated by the actual same patriarchal values.

Meanwhile, women’s salaries are 14 per cent lower than men’s for comparable jobs. Further analysis, however, reveals that women in Bulgaria are politically and economically marginalised.

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As lengthy because it stays unreported, it isn’t a societal downside – and so long as it is not discussed and tackled as a societal downside, it’s going to stay largely unreported. The prospect of sexual assault hovered in my mind as a darkish cloud at each stage of my youth. In primary college, it was groping inside the college, then the occasional slap on the backside by a boy my age on the road. By the age of 12, when I was nonetheless playing with dolls and Lego, I had already learnt to cross the street pre-emptively each time I saw a bunch of boys walking in the course of me in broad daylight.

Women In Bulgaria

However, not like in lots of European countries, the place sex and reproductive companies became unavailable to women during the pandemic, in Bulgaria assisted copy treatments had been protected. It is time women in Bulgaria used some of their admirable resilience and braveness to demand more from society for themselves. The Bulgarian maslodayna rose is our nationwide delight and most stunning flower in the entire nation. Stock up on fresh roses and balms to surprise her with, with no occasion whatsoever. Women’s place in Bulgarian society has been influenced by quite so much of cultures and ideologies, together with the Byzantine and Ottoman cultures, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, communist ideology, and up to date globalized Western values.


While Bulgarian ‘patriots’ apparently feel an urge to ‘defend’ Bulgarian women from varied ‘threats’ from the skin world, the true abuse inflicted on them by Bulgarian men continues to be exonerated by appeals to the identical patriarchal values. Luba Kassova is the author ofThe Missing Perspectives of Women in Covid-19 NewsandThe Missing Perspectives of Women in News, as properly as articles in numerous retailers, includingthe GuardianandEUObserver. I imagine a world where women are rewarded fairly for their work, braveness and resilience. In that world I see a greater life for all Bulgarians – women, men, kids, the elderly, everybody.

Five economies introduced laws on office sexual harassment and domestic violence. South Asia had the largest enchancment in average regional score, rising to 58.36 from 50, and the very bulgarian women for marriage best percentage of reforming economies at 88 p.c. Six economies in South Asia reformed in the class of beginning a job by introducing laws on office sexual harassment, including India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia in Bulgaria is unknown apart from preliminary data. We tried to find out retrospectively the prevalence of osteopenia and osteoporosis in a referral feminine inhabitants; 8869 consecutive Bulgarian women (age years) have been included. Forearm bone mineral density was measured at the distal radius+ulna web site by single X-ray absorptiometry (DTX-100 device). In the whole study sample 15.16% had osteoporosis and 28.8% had osteopenia. In women aged 50 years and over the corresponding prevalence was 20.45% and 32.5%. Age-adjusted prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia started rising after age 55 years. Corresponding imply T-scores also declined and the osteoporosis threshold of -2.5 SD was reached within the age group years.