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Blackberry Classic 16Gb Black in Kenya

Blackberry Classic 16Gb Black in Kenya
Blackberry Classic 16Gb Black in Kenya
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Blackberry has abandoned the competition for the release of various devices, each of which is intended for everyone and at the same time for no one. The first sign was the Passport, this device is very unusual and at the same time extremely niche. But for those who have experienced its capabilities, it is almost perfect. There are not many such people, but the company’s approach has changed dramatically, and this was evident in the Passport.
The Classic model is a rare occasion when the name fully reveals what the device is. In recent years, the company has often been scolded for moving away from its roots, rushing into the race of touchscreen smartphones, completely forgetting that most of its consumers have used mechanical QWERTY keyboards for years. In 2011, the Blackberry Bold came out, which to some extent inherited all the features of the family, also offered a touch screen, and this cross between the two worlds was not very successful. The operating time was short, which completely negated all innovations. Blackberry users receive a lot of mail, as a result, they need the phone to be guaranteed to work from morning to evening, without living near the charger. It didn’t work that way with the Bold. In 2011, for a couple of months it was my main phone, at some point I got tired of charging it, and I just gave it up in favor of an Android smartphone. I am sure that I was not alone in my choice.
For me, the Bold remained a great concept, which in practice had a number of flaws, the device turned out to be ambiguous, but there were simply no alternatives to it. Today, there are many people in the world who continue to use the Bold, since they have become unconditional with the habit of using a mechanical keyboard, they do not like to type on touch screens. Let me emphasize that there are not very many such people, but they do exist.
It is for them that Classic comes out three years after Bold. In concept, this is exactly the same device, in which they decided to improve everything that was done wrong in the Bold. Working time in a full day instead of 5-6 hours for Bold, integration of the keyboard and interface for quick work in different applications, full integration with PCs and tablets of different companies and systems. Despite the name Classic, the company has obtained a product of a completely new quality, which deserves close attention, it is extremely interesting. After reading a dozen reviews of this device, I regret to say that most of the journalists approached the Classic with the usual yardstick. They looked at the chipset, compared it with the old model, with what other companies have on the market, and said something like the following – an excellent device for nostalgia lovers, but not worth their money. My opinion is completely opposite, as this model is one of the rare combinations of what has been in the past and has proven its relevance, as well as new technologies that improve the user experience. For QWERTY aficionados, this is the only choice in the current market, no other device exists. And this model offers very extraordinary opportunities, which are primarily related to mail and calls. In a word, we have before us a convenient tool for those who work on the phone, spend almost no time on entertainment. It is a business tool and not a mass product. However, let’s see together that
knows how this device and why it stands between the past and the future.
If you’ve seen the Bold, then consider that you already know what the Classic looks like: at the bottom is the QWERTY keyboard, at the top is the screen. Embossed plastic body, metal edging on the side.
The device will be available in two colors, although the white case was not officially shown, but it will look like this. Blackberry Classic 16Gb Black in Kenya
At the top there are two microphones, in the middle there is an on / off button, which is also responsible for unlocking. On the right side there are volume keys, in the middle there is a button for accessing the voice assistant.
The front 2-megapixel camera is above the screen, there is also a proximity sensor, and there is also an indicator of missed events. On the back, in an insert with a glass coating, there is the main 8-megapixel camera and an LED flash.
The phone is in a hand very well, it can be operated with one hand, for example, it is convenient to dial numbers, a touch keyboard appears. The build quality does not raise any questions. On the left side there is a slot for a memory card, as well as a nanoSIM.
The phone measures 131×72.4×10.2 mm and weighs 178 grams. The case is non-separable, which can be considered a plus. The 3.5 mm jack has been moved to the top end, which is convenient. While microUSB is at the bottom.
Classic has completely replicated the Bold keyboard, which many consider to be close to ideal. There are 4 rows of keys, each button has a double label. In our case, the device has an unofficial localization, with the help of laser engraving, Russian letters are applied. In the official localization options (for Russia it is not and is unlikely to appear), the letters differ in color, which is more convenient.
The top row of keys consists of five buttons: dial and hang up, return, the proprietary BB button, and the central OK key, which has an integrated optical trackpad. It can be used to conveniently scroll through lists, move between menu items. Or you may not use at all and perform all the actions on the touch screen. Here everyone can choose how it is convenient for him to interact with the phone.