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Studio Beats White Studio 3 Beats by Dre

Studio Beats White Studio 3 Beats by Dre
Studio Beats White Studio 3 Beats by Dre
Now it is convenient to read from mobile phones!
The beats studio 3 wireless on-ear headphones were introduced 3 years ago. At one time, they “caught” a lot of hype: someone argued that it was beats and that says it all, and someone foaming at the mouth argued the insolvency of both the brand and the quality of the model’s performance, and they wrote obscenities about the sound.
Let’s try to deal with the headphones after a while, when all the controversy has subsided, and Apple has not yet presented anything new in the studio series. After all, the third version uses the W1 chip, active noise cancellation works, the operating time is above the roof, the “ears” themselves look extremely attractive, given the 9 design options for studio 3 wireless.
The price, as usual, breaks all templates: on the beats website they ask for almost 28,000 rubles. And a couple of years ago they could be found for 25,000 rubles. Today users of e-katalog and Yandex.Market can easily acquire this model at a price of around 20,000 rubles.
The manufacturer does not provide more data.
The device is a foldable, full-size headphone. The performance is absolutely classical, there is nothing pretentious here. This is probably good. Studio Beats White Studio 3 Beats by Dre
The design options are another matter. Here is the imagination of designers in all its glory: blue, white, red, black, “daring black and red”, “The Skyline Collection” (black and gold), “Gray fabric”, “Sand dune” and “Green forest”.
The last two are from the Beats Camo Collection. I had the camo (camouflage) version of the beige color on the test.
Frankly, it looks great up close to such a bloom, but at a distance of a couple of meters one gets the impression that the headphones are peeled off or just dirty. Keep this in mind when choosing a device: those who are in the beats theme will understand you, the rest will probably look askance.
I was neutral about color. But if I bought, I would have looked either at white or black and red.
Despite the fact that plastic and leatherette are used here, there are no questions about the quality of performance: everything is assembled and made as efficiently as possible, without backlash, squeaks and the like. The details fit tightly together.
The plastic itself is durable, pleasant to look and feel: a cross between a matte and glossy surface. The inner part of the headband is made of dense leatherette. The ear pads are soft.
That is, it is clear that for 20,000 – 28,000 rubles I would like something more premium, but if the assembly and workmanship are at a high level, then there is nothing to complain about.
The mechanism for extending the headphones is made on the basis of metal plates. Moreover, their thickness is about 1.5 mm.