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Deacon Frost summons La Magra into himself and becomes much

The https://www.cheapbeltr.com book they use to decipher is the Bible that Luther finds at the hotel room of the culprit. Brand X: One episode has a generic knockoff coffee shop that’s pretty clearly supposed to be Starbucks. British Brevity: As per usual only six episodes in series one. The second series has just four episodes…

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At the top, the head of government pretty much must change by

Quoth Keith: “Was that Mrs Chaucer?” The Cameo: Johnny Robinson (from The X Factor) made one in the soap edition of Pointless Celebrities as part of a gag about The Other Darrin. Captain Obvious: Richard plays this sort of role in a self aware and typically deadpan style when asked to explain a simple answer…

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The similarities between the Wonderbolts and real life

Then it’s this trope. Law of Inverse Fertility: In High Profile Walton Weeks always wanted to have a child but was unable to because he had trouble ejaculating, and when he finally conceived with his mistress they were both murdered. Likes Older Women: Suitcase Simpson frequently ends up in relationships with older women, and they’re…

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Part 2 posted after a long hiatus

Shown Their Work: In London, Dan Carter narrates that an actress, whose name he can’t recall, in the restaurant he’s in is rumoured to be the next Companion on Doctor Who and was “wearing a skirt even shorter than that worn the current one” (Amy Pond). Stealth Pun: At no point in Sail is the…

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