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Deuteragonist: Serale is this to Cobblestone

As she talks herself through it, she realizes that she died in her sleep after doing the one thing she’d never done in any previous loop: Eat Lori’s cupcake. This clues her into the fact that Lori is the real killer. while she’s alone in the room with Lori. Felony Misdemeanor: Danielle says that she…

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Abagail gets them into the Oval Office via a White House staff

Stun Guns: The LP4 Sonic Pistol. That said. Swiss Army Gun: What kind of gun the LP4 is depends on what ammo you load into it. Semi automatic ammo makes it into your standard FPS pistol, rapid fire ammo makes it a submachine gun, explosive gel ammo makes it into a Sticky Bomb launcher, and…

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Throughout he refers to learning things about the world

Body Horror: The outcomes of many of the Meliorares’ genetic experiments were horrifically deformed children that had to be Mercy Killed. The flora and fauna of Midword have evolved a massive number of ways to horrifically kill people. Among them: Having your insides liquefied while a narcotic toxin keeps you too high to notice. Being…

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