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Ultimate Evil: What Lord Tartarus seems to be

Almost literal in Chrysalis’ case as the move used is Vacuum Wave which involves punching the air hard enough to throw shockwaves. Ultimate Evil: What Lord Tartarus seems to be. Unresolved Sexual Tension: Buckets of it between Luna and Lucario. Dips into Belligerent Sexual Tension a few times early on, but that’s mostly one sided…

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Variable Length Chain: The rope holding the garden gnome

Fittingly, Donaka Mark is frequently wearing black. Cool Mask: Donaka Mark wears a black mask whenever he enters the ring. Tiger rips it off in the first moments of their bout. The Corrupter: Donaka Mark’s single motivation in life seems to be corrupting http://www.cheapdesignbags.com the soul of the innocent until they become killers. Corrupt Corporate…

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However she grows out of it in later episodes

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, whose cures for bad behaviors like selfishness or not wanting to go to bed are based on the philosophy of “give bratty kids what they want, and make them regret it”). If used in real life, such cures would probably result in a lawsuit and/or emotional scarring rather than making anyone good…

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