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This can be further reinforced if the awkwardness is due to a

Unreliable Canon: Trying to decipher the canon (outside of its more story oriented themes such as BIONICLE) can be a real mess, though it hasn’t stopped many from trying. Perhaps the greatest unreliability is the LEGO timeline and universe. Some sources state that each theme takes place in its respective era. For example, LEGO Pirates…

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Sacred Scripture: Kaleb and Flora’s religion has the Hominae

And if their portrayal of them in the prequel is any hint, you may just be buying the world more time before the next dark times, rather than outright saving it. Big Applesauce: Has been the site of repeated terrorist attacks, and is the location for much of the early game. Big Bad Duumvirate: Bob…

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Zervous sang “I Surrender” by Celine Dion

hermes replica handbags This is the Hollywood remake of No. 5. It’s been polished and refined until what is left is fresh, elegant, younger but of course, thinner. This is a very clever composition because what is almost impossible, updating a classic, has been done successfully. It’s much more wearable and a tad more modern…

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Cable Deadpool, duh! Excalibur Exiles Extraordinary X Men: The

It’s the strongest weapon in the game damage wise, and the only one that passes through walls, but obtaining and levelling it requires accessing three well hidden secret areas that can only be reached in Omake Mode. Intelligible Unintelligible: Nanao. Her subordinates seem to understand what she’s saying, but the player only sees a dialogue…

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Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The dossier on Bizarro World

He’s not. I Have Your Wife: Noh A, Ethan has your father’s soul. Immortality Immorality: Omu begins going off the deep end when he gets his hands on the Unicorn’s Horn, which theoretically can kill Noh A and transfer her immortality to him. Lady of Black Magic: Helmina. Large Ham: You can sometimes tell how…

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