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is programmed with orders that conflict with the goals of the

Pellinore gives one of these to Will during The Curse Of The Wendigo. Pellinore: You disgust me! Only the intelligent can afford to be so judgemental. Who are you to question my decisions? You thickheaded sycophantic piece of snot. I’ve dissected worms with larger brains than yours! You’ve been nothing but a burden to me,…

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Breather Episode: Probably the reason for Captain Gordon

Killing in Self Defense: In Hanzo’s route, Enju is forced to kill one of the Nokizaru shinobi attacking her and Hanzo. Later in the same route, she kills her father in self defense; notably, these are the only instances throughout any route in which she takes a life. Kissing Cousins: If you take Chojiro’s route.…

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It gives you a close area attack good when surrounded by

By the Hair: Subverted: In an AWE match where V lost her grip due accidentally ripping Kiera Hogan’s out. Hopefully that was an extension. Later played straight against Hogan’s partner, Aria Blake. Catch Phrase: Most of them are in Spanish, but repetition is what it is. “Yo soy la mejor!” Cheap Pop: Throwing t shirts…

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