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Accidental Murder: Superman kills at least three people (in a

Misdirection is a technique in which the magician deceives the audience by distracting them to look somewhere else while the magician alters something to complete a magic performance. Misdirection is not an easy technique to pull if practiced poorly. Like sleight of hand, misdirection takes lots of practice and trial and error. The whole point…

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“The First Chang Dynasty” has Chang trying to murder the study

”VideoGame/QuestForGloryIV”, despite its GraveHumor, features one epitaph in particular that is an outright lie (although only the Paladin gets to learn the truth of the matter): “Here lies Janos: Faithful forever to his Lost True Love, laid beside her empty tomb.”The short story “La Morte” by Guy De Maupassant has a man wander a cemetery…

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