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Bubblegloop Swamp: Stage four, the Swamp of Malaventura

Psychic Link: The novel pretty much confirms that the Marker actively and intelligently tries to contain Necromorph outbreaks, and usually do this by creating hallucinations of dead loved ones. Although it is also proposed that the hallucinations are our brains’ way of telling us that the Marker is bad news. Senseless Sacrifice: Michael sinks the…

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Which was further changed to the skipped skipper ineffectually

Riko’s ghost attacks you in the hospital, cue one of the scarier chase scenes of the game; you not only see when Ohyama transforms into a Regret, but he will also run up to you. and he is pretty fast, so you have to react quick, because your running controls are useless. Kill ’em All:…

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