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Essentially a civilian Warthog

In other words, it is a perfect demonstration of why it was designed as a toy first and a functional vehicle second. The Lotus Esprit V8 has a similar issue; adding a roll cage blocks half the windscreen so you can only see the bottom half of the road. The AMG Transport Dynamics M 12…

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“You’re just trying to be nice

However, at other events he does get invited, such as the beach, but is again not treated as important. Unrequited Love: Both Tomari and Yasuna feel this way from time to time. Played straight with Asuta and Namiko, although the end of the OVA hints that the alien man may be in fact returning the…

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Immortan Joe takes it to a whole new level when he rams the

Car Fu: In a movie where cars are so important? Oh yes. Immortan Joe takes it to a whole new level when he rams the War Rig specifically to damage its engines, slowing it without having to risk hurting the Wives. Joe’s “accountant” Lampshades that they are being very wasteful with precious resources. Cargo Cult:…

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Scavenged Punk: The village the squirrels live in

Anime Hair: And how. Also commonly Multicolored Hair. Anti Hero: Shichika has no hesitation whatsoever about killing any foe on his path (even if they are likeable, or women and children). It should be noted that this is because of his upbringing but still. Anti Villain: All of the non Maniwani villains, and even then…

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Phoebe is a bow using Caster of all three magic types (making

Black Holes are particular offenders of this nature, because everyone knows that their gravitational pull is so powerful even light cannot escape and the subatomic particles that constitute you will be ripped apart. Scientists even called this effect “spaghettification”, although this only applies to the event horizon inside the black hole, not the orbiting accretion…

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