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Tiz has the excuse of lying dormant for years

Satan Sheriff Lucas Buck. The show never really made http://www.replicayslbag.com it clear whether he was (to pick common fan theories) The Devil Himself, a demon, a fallen angel who didn’t get all the way down to Hell, a dark aspect of the town itself or any Replica Ysl of the above possessing a human host,…

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Also, the tip of the hat which was never seen onscreen was

Lame Rhyme Dodge: Look Behind You: Maxim is rather fond of using this in the first arc. Vanishes as things become more serious. Living Labyrinth: Fluffy’s automatically rearranging dungeon. Mad Oracle: Morris as of the third story arc. Minion with an F in Evil: Hechter Mood Whiplash: Halfway through the “Lord Fluffy” arc. Morning Sickness…

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It also doesn’t take into account that the Venetian Carnival

Post Crisis, his body was essentially a living solar battery, charging up over the years since he was born on Earth (thus accounting for his slowly developing powers as a child). Nowadays, before doing a real super feat, Superman will sometimes take a moment to charge up with extra solar radiation beforehand. There were also…

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