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Mary Magdalene above the Garden of Gethsemane

Home Disorders Relationships Sexuality Female Male Orgasmic Disorder Symptoms Less than a minute readPersistent or recurrent delay in, or absence of, orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase. Women exhibit wide variability in the type or intensity of stimulation that triggers orgasm. The diagnosis of female orgasmic disorder should be based on the clinician judgment that the woman orgasmic capacity is less than would be reasonable for her age, sexual experience, and the adequacy of sexual stimulation she receives.The disturbance causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.Male Orgasmic Disorder (Delayed Ejaculation):Persistent or recurrent delay in, or absence of, orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase during sexual activity that the clinician, taking into account the person age, judges to be adequate in focus, intensity, and duration.The disturbance causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.

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