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And the processor isn’t the only interesting hardware in HP’s

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Handbags Replica But perhaps AMD hasn’t tossed in the towel. HP has recently announced a new netbook, called the dv2. Although this may seem similar in performance to the Atom, it should actually be a fair bit faster, as the Atom is much slower than processors originally built for desktops, even those that are several generations removed from cutting edge tech. The processor is called the Athlon Neo. Don’t expect it to be seen anywhere else, though, because HP claims that it was built specifically for them. And the processor isn’t the only interesting hardware in HP’s new netbook under the hood you’ll also find a Radeon 3000 series mobile GPU. This should give the dv2 a level of graphical performance roughly equivalent to that of Nvidia’s Ion chipset but since the dv2 pairs that GPU with a more robust CPU, overall performance will likely be noticeably better. Handbags Replica

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Designer Fake Bags “We do indeed stand on the threshold of intelligent machines, but such cognitive computing engines will rest on massive amounts of knowledge understood by programs, and reasoned about by programs much like humans do sometimes shallowly and sometimes deeply not by shallow chatbots,” wrote Douglas Lenat, an artificial intelligence researcher and chief executive of Cycorp, in an email. “If I teach my parrot to say many things, in response to my verbal cues, that may be adorable but it’s not intelligent.” Designer Fake Bags

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