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If the character is promiscuous

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wholesale replica bags Why cancer? Cancer has become a shorthand for “painful and deadly disease”. Researching and educating the audience on a new disease would be too time consuming; much easier to play on something they already know. Usually, the cancer will be of the non specific variety. The story arc is never actually about the character having cancer in particular. Rather, it is about impending death. If the character is promiscuous, a drug user, or otherwise deviant, expect cancer to be replaced with AIDS. This is most commonly used in TV shows, where a character needs to be killed off or there needs to be a dramatic illness arc. This trope relies on shows not recognizing that other illnesses exist. While cancer is most definitely not a walk in a park, several other illnesses are more likely (heart disease, diabetes), especially depending on the age of the character in question. Additionally, the prognosis with many forms of cancer can be good, which will never be mentioned. These other possibilities will never be mentioned. See also: “The Topic of Cancer”, which is why this trope (cancer is the only disease) more detail https://www.wholesalereplicab.com exists. wholesale replica bags

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