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Norm played 644 regular season

In the AHL, Norm played 644 regular season games, mostly with Rochester. With the Americans, Red was part of consecutive Calder Cup championships in 1964 65 and 1965 66. In the first year, the Amerks met the Hershey Bears in the final series and prevailed in five games.

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In the final seconds of the anthem, defensive ends Cliff Avril and Frank Clark sat next to Bennett, who had announced he was protesting racial injustice and called for white players to join.And on Saturday night, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch again rested on a bench during the anthem, while quarterback Derek Carr placed his right hand on star linebacker Khalil Mack’s left shoulder, not as a protest, but as a show of unity. “We wanted to show them that it’s OK for a white kid and a black kid that come from two different neighbourhoods (to) grow up and love one another and be best friends,” Carr said.Those acts stood out, in part, because of how many sidelines remained devoid of anthem displays. Kaepernick remains out of a job after he spent last season kneeling during the anthem before San Francisco 49ers games in protest of police violence and killings of African Americans.

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